Principal's Page


Hello Central Families

My goal is to ensure that every student at Central receives a high-quality education that fosters growth in a caring and safe environment. The last year and a half have created immense challenges for us all, maybe none greater than the challenges our students have faced. Through my open communication, instructional leadership, and solution-oriented focus, I will be working with you and the wonderful Central teachers to help welcome our students back. I believe that it will be through our collective efforts as a community that we will help our students to gain the academic and emotional tools to be successful as they move forward in their academic and personal lives.

As all of our students return to the classroom as educators we are tasked with two primary objectives: Where are our students currently at academically and emotionally after a year and a half of pandemic learning? Based on that answer, how do we use that data to inform instruction and develop space for students to process emotionally and make important gains academically?

As a parent myself, I understand that the ability to make gains in the areas mentioned would be impossible to do without you as partners in this work and a strong home-school connection. I have already begun, and I look forward to continuing to build relationships with parents, students, and community members at Central. I believe that through our collaboration, we can make sure that every student at Central has the opportunity to achieve their potential intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Some of you may already know me as I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of you through older siblings at Ralston for the last couple of years. Over the decade-plus I’ve spent in education I have worked with elementary, high school, and middle school-aged students in different capacities ranging from a 1:1 aide in a first-grade classroom to an administrator with middle school students. These varied experiences have given me great insight into child development and what practices work best for different ages. While this experience will be a positive asset to Central I recognize and appreciate the incredible work that the Central staff, students, and parents have done to create a high baseline of academic achievement and rich community tradition.

I believe that open communication is key, please don’t hesitate to reach out and know I am always here to support you and listen. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the great community Central and look forward to working with each of you!


Chuck Donovan