Second Grade

At Central School, second grade teachers collaborate to meet the needs of every individual child. Throughout the school day, students are constantly engaged in academic activities that are not only fun, but also address the California State Standards.

“Second grade is the best grade because you learn a lot,” says one second grade student. Indeed, second graders do develop academically and socially throughout the school year. Students are immersed in literature; they enjoy reading high-quality picture books as well as the adventures found in the Flat Stanley, Cam Jansen, and Magic Tree House books. They further their reading skills by participating in literature circle discussions and reader’s theater performances. Second graders transfer their knowledge of literature into their own writing as they move through the stages of the writing process and publish their own stories. Students also expand their writing abilities when learning about the Six Traits of Writing.

In math, students are introduced to new concepts including double-digit addition and subtraction, comparing fractions, and basic multiplication facts. Second graders reinforce their math skills by playing a variety of math games. In science and social studies, second graders participate in hands-on activities and explore the themes of balance and motion, the life cycle, ancestors, and much more. Second graders are lucky to participate in the Leap Arts and Music for Minors programs. Through this relationship and many others, teachers work hard with families to help each second grade student progress academically and socially.