Fourth Grade

Fourth grade at Central School is an exciting year of growth and transition. The pace quickens and expectations are raised. Students are guided to develop more independence, responsibility and organization. For math instruction, we use Math Expressions; a program that has proven its effectiveness over the last few years! The language arts program is a culmination of the district-adopted Houghton Mifflin Reading program, Six Traits of Writing, and a variety of literature books. The lessons deliver instruction that enriches reading and writing experiences.

California is the focus of 4th grade's history and social studies curriculum. Using textbooks, supplementary materials, and field trips, students learn about the historical and cultural development of our state through hands-on experiences. The 4th grade curriculum expands to include P.E., instrumental music, science, drama and Leap Arts. Past students and parents have said, "Fourth grade was our toughest year. We have never worked so hard!" But when students come back to visit, they remember 4th grade fondly and often say, "Fourth grade was so fun! I wish I could be back here."